The Company

Acf1919 comes from emilian families, tied  to their own land to their traditions and passion for food of excellence.
Starting from the reserve of the Fiorini family (producers of “traditional balsamic vinegar” of Modena and wines from Emilia since 1919), we produce balsamic vinegar of Modena PGI, balsamic glazes and dressings and aged wine vinegars.


Everything starts from here.
Our families are linked to their land for generations and still today we work to obtain its fruits in any different seasons.
Land for us also means “control of production  chain”. We start from our grapes to produce balsamic vinegar of modena thus having full traceability of raw materials


It means for us to produce by following the “path” drawn by our predecessors.
We are grateful for the experience received and we try everyday to continuously improve the quality of our work to be able to then pass it on to those who will follow us…


To get the best things it takes time.
Time marks the natural rhythm of the seasons. You can neither control it nor even master it. However if you act in its respect, then it will respect your work…